Andrew Aldridge

Andrew Aldridge 
Guitarist, producer, arranger, part time looper... Wannabe mix engineer. 
A little page in my quiet corner of the Interweb...

Over the years I've been fortunate to meet a lot of talented people and play some music...

I hung out with many of the 'usual suspects' in High School but kept music close to me and spent a big part of that time in my basement making noise/dubbing tapes listening to records and playing some guitar. It was my older sisters 'Songs of Lennon and McCartney' book that taught me the basic chords and my brothers 'Frampton Comes Alive' record that gave me a guitar idol (before I could play).
I soon started discovering bands/records on my own and taking some guitar lessons.
After high school I made a move to Hamilton and started getting involved with Music.
A couple years out in Hamilton, then a move to Toronto and now back to Hamilton...
Over the past (nearly 20) years of playing/recording/touring I've been lucky to play with many Canadian (and International) artists whom I really respect. Some of them include...

Danny Michel
Wild Strawberries
Sarah Slean
Universal Honey
Mississippi Bends
Oh Susanna
Jeremy Fisher
Albert Bouchard / Blue Coupe (Blue Oyster Cult)
Lucie Idlout
Chris Barron (Spin Doctors)
Lynn Miles
Lisa Winn
Melissa McClelland (Whitehorse)
Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow)
Battle of Santiago
The Sterling Moss
Lori Yates
Kathryn Rose
Mary Simon
The Swallows
The Supers
Rae Billing
Leonard Burns and Dell
Duane Rutter
Alex Baird
and more...

Through the years these people have given me the opportunity to tour North America, Europe and Japan along with multiple radio/television/internet broadcasts.

Along the way, I had my own 'power trio' called The Sterling Moss - we have an E.P. and may re-release it someday...

My love for noise/ambience/improv created the birth of the Planet of the Loops - an all improvised event featuring different artists looping sound from various sound sources. The 'Planet' is celebrating 15 years this year (2013). The loopyness has allowed me to perform at the World Looping Festival in Santa Cruz California too.

More recently I have ventured into another musical love for me - production/engineering. Having co-produced a track off Alex Baird's CD many years ago, co-produced Mary Simon's last record,
And produced BuckShot Bebee’s “Merchants of Youth” and Duane Rutter’s latest record “Crazy Things”

My time, these days, have been taken up with "Mississippi Bends", an Alt-Country/North-Americana project with Mary Simon... you can learn more here.

I plan on using this 'Blog' format to write about various 'bits and bobs' from the last many years... sort of like an extension of a 'biography' and as a substitute for a real web site.

Tune in for more detailed information/stories from working with many of the artists mentioned above.

We'll see how this goes...


  1. I saw your show with Crybaby last night. I worked with Rae & Crybaby doing some publicity in my past life. Iyt was like a high school reunion for me. I don't recall ever seeing you play guitar although by all accounts you've played A Lot. Quite simply you rock and I loved your sound and your style. Between you Steve & Rae you sounded great. Wishing I could see the Hammer show, no can do. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Hey there! Thanks for the comment. I've known Rae for a while and played with her solo stuff in Hamilton. I also know Clive, and knew him back in the day. Had an alt country type band in the same scene back then called "Chloe".
    Just to let you know, this blog may still be around but the address will now be associated with an actual web site.